Our Story

We are Clothing for Founders.

This venture started as we sought apparel that represented our view. It grew into a brand that unified those on a similar journey into a world different to the norm.

We soon realised that being a Founder took many forms and that passion is wonderfully diverse.

“Founder” applies to anyone willing to follow their calling.

This is the part we're supposed to summarise ourselves in one super tagline right? Well...

Whether you’re in a coffee shop writing content, vlogging for your channel, in the gym crafting a physique, snapping shots for the portfolio, or pulling an all-nighter for your idea,

You can spot our logo from across the room, find our customers from a hashtag, simply glance at the emblem on your chest, and instantaneously be reminded you’re not alone...

That someone else is on a similar journey, to create a life from which they never need an escape.

Both of you have identified a path that is true to yourself and will never be classified as “Work"

Unwavering belief and courage towards your vision;

We call this Devotion, and It’s why we’re here today.


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